An Alpha T-Rex in ARK: Survival Evolved

The Alpha T-Rex is a Dinosaur in ARK: Survival Evolved

It is the Alpha version of the Tyrannosaurus Rex


The Alpha T-Rex is bigger and a lot stronger than a normal Tyrannosaurus Rex.

You can recognize it by the red aura/glow that surrounds it.

Finding an Alpha T-Rex[edit]

It may take a long time to find an Alpha TRex since it is a rare spawn.

The following locations have been reported as good places to find the Alpha T-Rex

  • Along the river around 35 35
  • Around Frozen Fang
  • Along the river around 45 55 (killed one there)
  • Around 60 60 (Killed one there)
  • Around 20 20 (killed one there)
  • poops around twice as much as your mom
  • lazy twice as much as your mom

Taming an Alpha T-Rex[edit]

You cannot tame an alpha T-rex, without admin cheats. In which case its picture will not appear.

Riding a T-Rex[edit]

You cannot ride a Alpha T-Rex.


Trike Bone Helmet Skin
Trike Bone Helmet Skin
  • Alpha trex trophy

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • The Alpha T-Rex gives you a lot of XP and resources, in addition to dropping a Trike Bone Helmet Skin.
  • The Alpha Rex can buff damage and resistances of Carnivores in the area.


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Trike Bone Helmet Skin
Trike Bone Helmet Skin