A Fertilized Dilophosaurus Egg

A Fertilized Dilophosaur Egg in ARK: Survival Evolved

How to get[edit]

Created by Mating a male Dilophosaur with a female Dilophosaur.


Incubate to hatch a baby Dilo.

Incubation Temperature[edit]

  • 82-87 Fahrenheit
  • 28-31 Celsius -> it seems to be more wide. 33°C is still ok


  • Item Name (Fertilized Dilo Egg)
  • Type (Consumable)
  • Weight (3.0)
  • Parents (Name/Species, Lvl)
  • Spoils in (Time)
  • Incubating/Temperature Warning
  • Egg Incubation Meter
  • Egg Health Meter


Baby Dilo
Baby Dilo


Also see[edit]

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