ARK: Survival Evolved

A list of loading screen tips in the game, ARK: Survival Evolved

  • A strange power radiates from those obelisks. Can you feel it in your bones?
  • Azulberries, Amarberries, and Tintoberries get their names from their color.
  • Beaches have the fewest and weakest threats, but they also have the fewest resources.
  • Bravely explore caves for powerful high-level Supply Crates and rare resources. Go spelunking!
  • Caves have access to two rare resources: Crystal and Obsidian
  • Cooked meat preserves much better than raw meat does. Don't wait until it's rotted!
  • Creatures get a 'Mate Boost' Damage, Resistance, & Aggro buff from nearby allied opposite-gendered members of their species. Use this to your advantage!
  • Don't forget to eat!
  • Dyes can be made by cooking berries with water in the Cooking Pot.
  • Farming takes a long time, but gives long-term results.
  • Fences are great for keeping your dinosaurs safe while you're logged off the island.
  • Fire is the most simple tool for warming the body, cooking food, and for keeping warm. Any source will do!
  • Fire keeps you warm, so pull out your Torch or stand near a Campfire if you're too cold.
  • Grasslands have the largest creatures and plenty of resources. Beware of giant carnivores!
  • Hatchets get more Wood, Stone, and Hide than picks.
  • If the Tribe leader leaves the Tribe, the next person in line to succeed becomes the new Tribe leader.
  • Is your Door too high to step into? Build a ramp beneath it!
  • It's easy to get lost on the ARK, remember to check your map! It's an invaluable survival tool.
  • Joining a tribe has many benefits. Invite your friends, and rule the ARK!
  • Jungles have more trees than any biome. They also have smaller, faster creatures.
  • Keeping a cache of items off the beaten track and away from other players can get you back on your feet if you die!
  • Male and Female animals can often be distinguished by their color patterns, with the males of many species tending to have brighter colors.
  • Mountains are one of the only places to find Metal, but the strongest carnivores live there.
  • Narcoberries can knock out even the toughest of creatures. They're a potent tranquilizer.
  • Not only do metal picks and hatchets get rarer resources they get resources faster, too!
  • Oceans have access to two rare resources: Oil and SilicaPearls
  • Only the Tribe leader can invite new members to the Tribe, or Banish them. Access your Tribe menu with 'T'!
  • Parasaurolophus can cover long distances and carry a lot.
  • Picks get more Thatch, Flint, and Meat than hatchets.
  • Poop may be gross, but it works as fertilizer.
  • Press 'F' to access the Inventory of your mount or any container in front of you.
  • Press 'G' to drag a dead or unconscious body around you're looking at, if you're strong enough. Even your Mount can carry bodies!
  • Press 'I' to access your Inventory. Press 'V' to access your Craftables Blueprints & Engrams.
  • Press 'M' to display your Mapbook! You'll see the details gradually fill in as you explore the ARK! Craft a Compass or GPS to use with it!
  • Rain can be a blessing and a curse; water is easy to find, but in the cold, hypothermia can set in. Stay warm!
  • Raptors are fast and deadly mounts.
  • Remember, when you join a Tribe, all of your structures and dinos become owned by the Tribe. It's all for one and one for all!
  • Remember, you don't have to run faster than the dinos, only faster than your friends.
  • Scorpions have a tranquilizing poison, don't get knocked out!
  • Tame carnivores with meat. Tame herbivores with berries and veggies.
  • Tamed dinos can make life easier.
  • Thatch structures are easier to build, but can be easily broken into.
  • The Cooking Pot can make many food and dyes, so experiment!
  • The most dangerous parts of the island yield the greatest rewards. Bring friends, it wont be easy.
  • The ocean is a treacherous place. Be very wary of what dwells out in the deep.
  • The weather on the ARK can be unpredictable, make sure you're well dressed for the elements!
  • There are too many engrams for a normal person to learn. Make sure you have a tribe so you can use everything.
  • There's nothing better than four strong walls and a roof over your head to stave off extreme heat or cold!
  • Watch your back.
  • You can replace Thatch structures with Wooden ones.
  • You can use beds to fast-travel across the island, but you can't take items with you.
  • You can't ride Dilophosaurs, but they can carry goods for you.

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