A Piranha in ARK: Survival Evolved

The Piranha is a creature in ARK: Survival Evolved

It is a Carnivore of species Megapiranha magnadmorsus

It is a big and deadly red fish with brown tail and fins.

Found in bodies of water such as oceans, ponds, lakes, rivers, and other water pools.

Taming a Piranha[edit]

Use fists to punch a Piranha KO and then use raw meat.

Note: taming a Piranha might not be implemented yet, except by use of admin command: "admincheat ForceTame"

Riding a Piranha[edit]

You cannot ride a Piranha.

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Piranhas only inflict a small amount of damage, however they can be dangerous in groups.
  • a couple of stabs with a stone spear should kill a piranha.

Piranha Dossier[edit]



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