A Saber tooth tiger in ARK: Survival Evolved

The Sabertooth is a creature in ARK: Survival Evolved

It is a Carnivore of species Smilodon Brutalis.

Often found in the mountains, traveling in packs.

Taming a Sabertooth[edit]

Taming a Sabertooth can take you around 50 minutes to an hour and 20 arrows.

Use raw meat.

Use long gun and tranq dart.

Try to hit it in the head. Below lvl 60 will usually loose consiousness. Wait untill food is 3/4 full. Then drop in prime meat. Amount is up to you, I usually try for 5. Then regular raw meat if you dont have any more prime meat.

Riding a Sabertooth[edit]

You can ride a Sabertooth using a Sabertooth Saddle

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Sabertooths are very aggressive and will attack on sight.
  • Often Sabertooths can be found walking in pairs.

Sabertooth Dossier[edit]