Aliens: Isolation

This page will have all the loading screen tips from the game, Alien: Isolation

  • The motion tracker can be heard if you are very close to an enemy. Use it wisely.
  • Collect blueprints to help Ripley learn how to craft different and improved devices.
  • Ripley is not a violent person, but will defend herself if she needs to.
  • There are a lot of missing people on the station. Collect their ID tags to find out more.
  • The Rewire system aboard the station is a handy way of tilting the odds in your favor. Look out for junction boxes
  • Floor vents can be used as alternative routes through the station. Look for their signature panels.
  • Distractions are a useful way to avoid a dangerous situation
  • The more you can collect and build the more options you will have to use in a difficult situation
  • Some doors have been secured with security braces. Use the maintenance jack to release the magnetic locks.
  • The Alien is not the only threat on board the station.
  • Working Joes are rudimentary androids, but it doesn't mean they're harmless.
  • EMP devices can be used to disable androids for a short amount of time.
  • Crafting items to survive is vital. Find somewhere quiet and dark to build devices..
  • Distractions can sometimes attract a deadlier threat. Use with caution.
  • Sprinting is a last resort. It is loud and alerts anything nearby that could hear you.
  • Keep moving slowly and carefully.
  • Vents are a great way of avoiding danger, but they may not always be as safe as you think.
  • The motion tracker is your key to survival, use it well.
  • Hiding is only ever a temporary solution.
  • Noises above and below you are indicators that something is lurking nearby.
  • Survivors on the station are just trying to stay alive. Don’t mess with them and they won't mess with you.
  • Violence towards humans is contrary to primary synthetic programming, but it doesn’t mean the Working Joes are incapable of doing it.
  • If you are spotted, run, hide or break line of sight. The longer you stay hidden the better chance you have of evading your pursuer.
  • Try to avoid conflict or at least make sure you have enough ammo for a fight.
  • Conserve your ammunition as you never know when you might need it.
  • Ripley is a survivor and can use many things to evade danger..
  • The flashlight is useful in the dark, but is also likely to alert enemies that spot it. Use it carefully.
  • Not everyone aboard the station is aggressive. Judge the situation by listening in on their conversations and approach carefully.
  • Avoid making loud noises, keep contacts at a distance and you will find survival much easier.
  • Personal Logs and audio recorders give a good insight into the lives of people onboard the station.
  • The motion tracker is only accurate in the direction you are facing. Keep an eye on the side and rear indicators.
  • Map terminals will add unexplored locations to your in game map.
  • Aiming your weapon at someone will be taken as an aggressive act and a confrontation can escalate very quickly.
  • Weapons are like tools. You need the right one for the right job.
  • Sevastopol still has an automated security camera system running in some places. This can trigger alarms and bring unwanted attention.
  • Committing a component to an IED removes it from your inventory. Use this to clear space for more items.
  • Crouching whilst moving is quieter but will slow you down.
  • The Maintenance Jack can be used to divert power inside an electrical junction.
  • A quick pull on the trigger will ignite the flamethrower without alerting enemies.
  • The Security Access Tuner can be used to override systems, doors and terminals. Tune in to the correct frequency and enter the callback code.
  • In addition to callback codes, the Security Access Tuner can also match frequency fluctuations.
  • The sound of combat can summon the Alien, attract it at your own risk.
  • Crafted devices can damage, disable or distract enemies.
  • Sevastopol's transit system is the fastest way to move between its three main towers.
  • Short range shuttles are used by the hospital for fast journeys between Sevastopol's towers. Executives have priority access to them.
  • Strike a wall or hard surface with the Maintenance Jack to cause a distraction.
  • Run when you can, crouch frequently, cause distractions and stay behind cover.
  • Use combinations of devices to safely dispatch a Working Joe.
  • The Alien has heightened senses. It will spot you quicker than humans or androids.
  • Synthetics are susceptible to physical attacks when they are stunned.
  • If the Alien spots you, don't try to run. You won't make it.

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