The Sevastopol Space Station in Aliens: Isolation.
The Sevastopol (zoomed)
Sevastopol Station as seen on a monitor from the Bridge of the Torrens
The Torrens near Sevastopol Station

The Sevastopol is a location in the game Alien: Isolation

It is a supply depot in the region of Zeta Reticuli. It's a permanent freeport facility.

Orbits KG348, a Gas Giant. It is a short distance away from LV-426

The Sevastopol station is owned and operated by the Seegson Corporation

At the beginning of the game, Amanda Ripley and Samuels are headed there on board the courier ship Torrens to retrieve the data from the flight recorder of the Nostromo. The flight recorder was found by the Anesidora and might contain clues regarding the disappearance of Amanda's mother, Ellen Ripley.