Speak to Taylor in Aliens: Isolation

"Speak to Taylor" is a mission objective in the game Alien: Isolation




Closing the Book
Closing the Book

Start Location[edit]

Bunk Room
Bunk Room

End Location[edit]



Make your way towards the Galley

See map below for help finding it.


Ripley: Taylor. Good morning.

Taylor: Ripley, it's certainly not "good" and I very much doubt it's morning either. Sorry. I feel like death. I don't know how you people put up with hypersleep regularly.

Ripley: You get used to it.

Taylor: I don't do long-haul very often. Most legal execs don't travel further than the coffee machine.

Ripley: I'm surprised Weyland Yutani felt the need to send legal at all.

Taylor: The loss of the Nostromo and its cargo cost the company a lot of money. It's important we find out what happened. If I can close the case with a conclusive accident report, It'll look great with my superiors. I'm sorry. That was insensitive. I realize your mother has been missing for fifteen years and you...

Ripley: It's ok. We'll both get what we want, right?

Taylor: Uh, have you seen Samuels? He's probably been up for hours.

Verlaine (Comm. system): All personnel to the Bridge, approaching Sevastopol Station

Taylor: Looks like we're up.



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