The Torrens in approach to Sevastopol Station in Aliens: Isolation.

Samuels: Can we see it?

Verlaine: Switch to monitors. Sevastopol Station. Is that damage?

Samuels: It looks like damage.

Verlaine: Punch up 74. Tight-angle.

Connor: Looks like the dry-dock bay is screwed.

Verlaine: I can't bring the Torrens in to that.

(Comm) Verlaine: This is the commercial vessel Torrens out of Saint Clair, registration number MSV-7760, calling Sevastopol traffic control. We're carrying three passengers on a Weyland-Yutani bond. You're holding the Nostromo flight recorder unit. We request immediate permission to transfer the passengers port side. Over...

(Comm) Sevastopol Station: (Static)... Waits, Colonial Marshal... (static)...Sevastopol Station... (static)...serious situation...(static)

Verlaine: Hello? Marshal? M-marshal? this is the Torrens. Say again.