Incoming Transmission from Cpl. Dwayne Hicks in A:CM.

Distress is the first mission in Aliens: Colonial Marines

Warning - Starting a new mission will clear existing checkpoint progress.


You receive a distress call from Corporal Hicks from the USS Sulaco. Reports mass casualties on LV-426. There are very few survivors, including two human females, one of which is a child. Coorporal Dwayne Hicks requests emergency assistance.

The USS Sephora is dispatched to assist the USS Sulaco


Locate the missing Marines

Cut Down Keyes

Kill Xeno

Cut Down Keyes

Retrieve the Sulaco Flight Recorder

Fall back to the Sephora

Defend Keyes while he overrides the lockdown

Get to the cargo bay to aid with the cas-evac

Defend O'Neal while he opens an exit

Get to the control room to purge the cargo bay of Xenos

Special Projects[edit]

Dog Tags[edit]


Audio Logs[edit]


Legendary Weapons[edit]

1/1: Hicks's Shotgun

Next Mission[edit]

Battle For Sulaco

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