Some Dogtags on a desk in A:CM.

Dog Tags are collectible objects you can find throughout the missions in Aliens: Colonial Marines

They belong to Marines who were probably KIA, such as PFC. M. Moore, PFC S. Trubetskoy

Dog Tags List[edit]

PFC. M. Moore

PFC S. Trubetskoy

Cpl Cynthia Dietrich

Sgt Z. Forcher

PFC Trevor Wierzbowski - Medlab (No Hope in Hadley's)

LT. B. Norton - Operations (No Hope in Hadley's)

Jenette Vasquez - Underground Tunnels (No Hope in Hadley's)

PFC J. Washenfelder - a little past the Crashed EEV (For Bella)

PFC. Daniel Spunkmeyer - In the room where the Personnel Manifest is (For Bella)

PFC. K. Barrington - Weyland-Yutani Facility (One Bullet)

PFC. Tim Crowe (Rampart)

PFC. D. Capes (Rampart)

PFC. Mark Drakes (Hope in Hadley's)

Lt. P. Watkins - Under the Vehicle Bay (Hope in Hadley's)

PFC D. Rechner - Near Drop Pad (Hope in Hadley's)

SGT R. Siwiak - Near FTL Dropship (Hope in Hadley's)

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