Aliens Colonial Marines: Escape to the elevator with Bella and O'Neal

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Escape to this elevator with Bella and O'Neal in A:CM

"Escape to the elevator with Bella and O'Neal" is a mission objective in the game Aliens: Colonial Marines


Powering all those consoles and accessing the Personnel Manifest grabbed Weyland-Yutani's attention and they are sending troops to the Weyland-Yutani Facility. You must escape to the elevator


For Bella


Weyland-Yutani Facility


Bella will open another door. Go through it, then down some stairs, then make it to an area with a lot of Weyland-Yutani Shipping Containers, there you will fight many enemies both W-Ys and Xenos.

Eventually you will see a big dome-like structure, continue going and reach the Elevator to complete the mission.