Shift Codes in Aliens: Colonial Marines give you special items such as this "Friend of Gearbox" chest emblem

Shift Codes are promotional codes given away by Gearbox Software, that you can redeem for some special bonus in-game (see Borderlands 2: Golden Key for an example)

Shift Codes will be used to give special items such as the Gearbox Friend emblem

This page will contain the list of all the latest Shift codes, so bookmark and check often, since sometimes the Shift Codes expire not long after they get posted

Shift Code Alerts[edit]

FEBRUARY 16TH: SHiFT code for Friends of Gearbox character emblem posted

FEBRUARY 15TH: (From @DuvalMagic) "Tomorrow is Gearbox Software's Anniversary! I have SHiFT codes for ACM and Borderlands 2 that I will be dropping randomly this weekend."

How to Redeem Shift Codes[edit]

See: Aliens Colonial Marines: Redeeming Shift Codes

Possible sources of Shift Codes[edit]





Active A:CM Shift Codes[edit]

ALERT: SHiFT code for Friend of Gearbox character emblem posted july 1

Source Issue Date Expiration PC PS3 X360
@DuvalMagic GBX Anniversary Shift Codes Feb 16 july23 XTCTT-JWZ6K-WSCSB-TJ3TB-65SZB FJKJJ-XXX5K-WKBB5-93C3B-B3B9Z FTCBJ-3SKK6-WBRB9-KRTB3-5BBTJ

Code now expired

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