Diplodocus is a Fossil in Animal Crossing New Horizons.


"Good old Diplodocus—what would we do without you? This stout fellow embodied all the best in dinosaurs. Those sturdy legs, that magnificent tail, and, above all, that extraordinary neck! Did you know that its center of gravity was such that sitting up on its hind legs was probably easy? What's more paired with its long neck, this ability greatly increased its reach for eating plants! Best of all, Diplodocus probably grew its entire life, having no "adult size." Would that we were all so gifted!" - Blathers

  • Late Jurassic

Fossil Parts[edit]

Sell Value[edit]

  • Skull: 5,000
  • Neck: 4,500
  • Chest: 4,000
  • Pelvis: 4,500
  • Tail: 5,000
  • Tail Tip: 4,000