Go to sleep is an objective in Animal Crossing New Horizons (AnimalCrossingNewHorizon).

Go to sleep is an objective in the Story Mission, Day 1 in Animal Crossing New Horizons


  • The party will begin with the Residents.
  • This is where you will be able to finally name your island whatever you want.
  • Remember, this name will be seen online on a Nintendo service, so be aware there are names that are unavailable.
  • After that, enjoy the celebration.
  • Talking with Tom Nook, will yield to your Camping Cot.
  • Return to your tent and head inside.
  • Once inside, you can open the pair of packages.
  • If you do not like where they, pick them up like any other item and then place them from your inventory.
  • Repeat this for the rest, setting up your cot.
  • To get onto the cot, simply press the Left Thumbstick toward the cot to get onto it.
  • Choose to take a nap to bring about the next day.