Home in Animal Crossing New Horizons (AnimalCrossingNewHorizons).

Home is a Location in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Home is the Player's House. This starts as a simple tent, but a number of upgrades will allow you to built into bigger and better housing. Only 1 upgrade can be underway at a time.

  • When you add rooms, you will get the option to redo your rooftop color.
  • Once the left room addition is added, you can customize your mailbox


Move-in Cost[edit]

  • Starting arrangement
    • 5,000 Nook Miles

Tent to House upgrade[edit]

  • House is 6x6
  • 80 storage slots
    • Loan: 98,000 Bells

House Expansion 1[edit]

  • House is upgraded to 8x8.
  • Storage Total: 120
    • Loan: 198,000 Bells

Back Room Addition[edit]

  • House gains its first additional room (back). Starts 6x6.
  • Storage Total: 240
    • Loan: 348,000 Bells

Left Room Addition[edit]

  • House gains its second room, 6x6
  • Storage Total: 360
    • Loan: 548,000 Bells

Right-Room Addition[edit]

  • House gains its final ground floor room, 6x6
  • Storage Total: 400
  • Can now customize your doors.
    • Loan: 758,000 Bells

Second Floor[edit]

  • Adds a second floor, 10x6
  • The house's exterior can now be customized.
  • Storage Total: 800
    • Loan: 1,248,000


  • Adds a basement level to the house, 10x6
  • 1/day free exterior renovations (when the loan is paid off)
  • Storage Total: 1,600
    • 2,498,000 Bells