Opening the museum in Animal Crossing New Horizons (AnimalCrossingNewHorizons).

Opening the Museum is a Story Mission in Animal Crossing New Horizons


  • Begin this by getting Blathers onto the island.
  • Once he's there, he will be asking for 15 things to display.
  • For getting him on the island you will get the recipes for the Vaulting Pole and the Flimsy Shovel.
  • These 15 can be Fish, Bugs, and Fossils.
  • Make use of the Dodo Airport to travel to different locations to stock up on displays.
  • Collect and listen (if you want) to Blathers and what he knows.
  • Blathers will get very excited about having enough specimens to open the museum itself and will begin the paperwork.
  • That is all you can to this day. Check on him the next day to learn more.