Project KK in Animal Crossing New Horizons (AnimalCrossingNewHorizons).

Project KK is a Story Mission in Animal Crossing New Horizons


  • After the Resident Services has been upgraded, it will be time to start working on the image of your island to bring in the famous K.K. Slider for a concert.
  • This means getting your Island Rating up to 3 stars.
  • To check on your rating, you just need to go into Resident Services and talk with Isabelle
  • Reaching 3 stars has some nebulous criteria that can reach a number of ways, but it also has some very solid criteria that is easy to follow.
  • You will want to have brought over the Able Sisters, getting the Clothier Shop.
  • You are also going to want 7-8 Residents on your island.
  • Getting a plot set aside it cost 10,000 Bells and any number can be bought at a time.
  • This can take a while since you either need to find the Residents using Nook Tickets or you can invite them to visit using an Amiibo card.
  • Remember it can take 2 days to get a new resident to move in, since you need to place the plot and have it sold and then develop.
  • You are also going to want to have a lot of decorations out and about for this.
  • Variety is generally important to bring up your rating with the decorations.
  • Be sure to keep talking with Isabelle to learn about what is a good action to take to improve the island's rating.
  • This can be planting more trees or flowers, placing more decorations, if you have the money, place an incline to allow access to different areas of your island.
  • Getting K.K. Slider to appear is the end of the main story line!