Wedding Season is an Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Wedding Season is an Animal Crossing: New Horizons


June 1st to 30st.


  • Launching Animal Crossing New Horizons after June 1st, Isabelle will announce it is the start of Wedding season throughout the month of June.
  • As the Villager leaves their house, they will be contacted by Harv, who will need help with a photoshoot.
  • Head to your Island's airport and travel out to Harv's Island.
  • There you will find Harvey will the happy couple of Cyrus and Reese.
  • Harv will announce he's got a set for the happy couple but got distracted before setting it up.
  • He will tell you to listen to Reese to get the theme you are after.
  • Once inside the house and been given the set run-down by Harv, who explains that Reese is in charge of the set itself.
  • Reese will explain that Cyrus has built special furniture for the shoot that should be used.
  • Talking with Reese will also give the Villager the theme.
  • Each day's theme will be listed.



Date Theme
June 1 White & Pink Chapel
June 2 White & Pink Reception
June 3 White & Pink Chapel
June 4 White & Pink Reception
June 5 White & Pink Chapel
June 6 White & Pink Reception
June 7
June 8
June 9
June 10
June 11
June 12
June 13
June 14
June 15
June 16
June 17
June 18
June 19
June 20
June 21
June 22
June 23
June 24
June 25
June 26
June 27
June 28
June 29
June 30

Wedding Themed Items[edit]