The Recycle Bin found in Resident Services.


A recycle bin to hold the excess supplies from construction jobs done on the island.

  • Found in the bottom left of Resident Services.
  • When the box fills up you’re able to scroll through and see what you have collected. But we’re

Not sure if over time items get deleted.

Note: The bin can only hold 5 rows or 50 items at a time. There is a grace of about 10 items that will not show up until you take items out then reopen the bin. Any items that exceed that amount will be deleted.*

         *This was tested by trying to move items from one 
         island to a friends island. Deleted the save file 
         and starting over, then retrieving items from said 
         friend's island. Playing in multiplayer on the new 
         island, the secondary character picked up all the 
         items and several things went missing from the recycle 
         bin. It can be assumed that the max capacity was hit 
         and the items were deleted.