There are a total of 130 classes in ArcheAge

Classes are formed by combining 3 Skillsets.

These are all the class names in ArcheAge

(Original credit goes to user Ferin from the official forums,

Skillset #1 Skillset #2 Skillset #3 Class Name
Archery Auramancy Battlerage Bonestalker
Archery Auramancy Defense Bastion
Archery Auramancy Occultism Astral Ranger (Previously: Disperser )
Archery Auramancy Shadowplay Primeval (Previously: Harrier)
Archery Auramancy Songcraft Howler
Archery Auramancy Sorcery Stormchaser
Archery Auramancy Vitalism Oracle
Archery Auramancy Witchcraft Arcane Hunter
Archery Battlerage Defense Liberator
Archery Battlerage Occultism Dreadbow
Archery Battlerage Shadowplay Outrider
Archery Battlerage Songcraft Bloodskald (Previously: Enlightened)
Archery Battlerage Sorcery Destroyer (Previously: Fiendhunter)
Archery Battlerage Vitalism Warpriest (Previously: Lifeblood)
Archery Battlerage Witchcraft Dreadhunter (Previously: Ebon Druid)
Archery Defense Occultism Dreadstone (Previously: Tomb Ranger)
Archery Defense Shadowplay Stone Arrow
Archery Defense Songcraft Honorguard
Archery Defense Sorcery Farslayer
Archery Defense Vitalism Druid
Archery Defense Witchcraft Archon (Previously: Chaotician)
Archery Occultism Shadowplay Shadehunter (Previously: Harvester)
Archery Occultism Songcraft Gravesinger
Archery Occultism Sorcery Spellbow (Previously: Darkstring)
Archery Occultism Vitalism Blood Arrow
Archery Occultism Witchcraft Shadestriker
Archery Shadowplay Songcraft Ebonsong
Archery Shadowplay Sorcery Infiltrator (Previously: Sharpshot)
Archery Shadowplay Vitalism Ranger (Previously: Gaian)
Archery Shadowplay Witchcraft Trickster (Previously: Rimefire)
Archery Songcraft Sorcery Evoker
Archery Songcraft Vitalism Soulsong (Previously: Bow Dancer)
Archery Songcraft Witchcraft Hex Ranger (Previously: Pox Ranger)
Archery Sorcery Vitalism Naturalist
Archery Sorcery Witchcraft Stormcaster
Archery Vitalism Witchcraft Soulbow
Auramancy Battlerage Defense Abolisher
Auramancy Battlerage Occultism Bloodreaver
Auramancy Battlerage Shadowplay Darkrunner
Auramancy Battlerage Songcraft Herald (Previously: Auspician)
Auramancy Battlerage Sorcery Enforcer
Auramancy Battlerage Vitalism Argent (Previously: Dark Lantern)
Auramancy Battlerage Witchcraft Hex Warden
Auramancy Defense Occultism Skullknight
Auramancy Defense Shadowplay Nightblade
Auramancy Defense Songcraft Tomb Warden
Auramancy Defense Sorcery Thaumaturge
Auramancy Defense Vitalism Templar (Previously: Cleric)
Auramancy Defense Witchcraft Dreambreaker (Previously: Cursedrinker)
Auramancy Occultism Shadowplay Planeshifter
Auramancy Occultism Songcraft Phantasm
Auramancy Occultism Sorcery Revenant
Auramancy Occultism Vitalism Edgewalker (Previously: Soulsinger)
Auramancy Occultism Witchcraft Nightcloak
Auramancy Shadowplay Songcraft Exorcist (Previously: Jackknife)
Auramancy Shadowplay Sorcery Enigmatist
Auramancy Shadowplay Vitalism Soothsayer
Auramancy Shadowplay Witchcraft Eidolon
Auramancy Songcraft Sorcery Spellsong
Auramancy Songcraft Vitalism Cleric (Previously: Shepherd)
Auramancy Songcraft Witchcraft Enchantrix
Auramancy Sorcery Vitalism Boneweaver
Auramancy Sorcery Witchcraft Arcanist (Previously: Vagabond)
Auramancy Vitalism Witchcraft Hierophant
Battlerage Defense Occultism Doomlord
Battlerage Defense Shadowplay Blighter
Battlerage Defense Songcraft Dawncaller
Battlerage Defense Sorcery Crusader
Battlerage Defense Vitalism Paladin
Battlerage Defense Witchcraft Hexblade
Battlerage Occultism Shadowplay Executioner
Battlerage Occultism Songcraft Lorebreaker
Battlerage Occultism Sorcery Ravager
Battlerage Occultism Vitalism Blackguard (Previously: Skulltaker)
Battlerage Occultism Witchcraft Hordebreaker (Previously: Deathgrim)
Battlerage Shadowplay Songcraft Blade Dancer
Battlerage Shadowplay Sorcery Hellweaver
Battlerage Shadowplay Vitalism Inquisitor
Battlerage Shadowplay Witchcraft Shadowblade
Battlerage Songcraft Sorcery Spellsword
Battlerage Songcraft Vitalism Bloodthrall
Battlerage Songcraft Witchcraft Dirgeweaver
Battlerage Sorcery Vitalism Fleshshaper
Battlerage Sorcery Witchcraft Harbinger
Battlerage Vitalism Witchcraft Dervish
Defense Occultism Shadowplay Dreadnaught
Defense Occultism Songcraft Dark Aegis
Defense Occultism Sorcery Battlemage (Previously: Maledict)
Defense Occultism Vitalism Justicar
Defense Occultism Witchcraft Defiler
Defense Shadowplay Songcraft Nightbearer (Previously: Archivist)
Defense Shadowplay Sorcery Swiftstone
Defense Shadowplay Vitalism Death Warden
Defense Shadowplay Witchcraft Shadowknight (Previously: Cavestalker)
Defense Songcraft Sorcery Earthsinger
Defense Songcraft Vitalism Caretaker
Defense Songcraft Witchcraft Poxbane
Defense Sorcery Vitalism Scion
Defense Sorcery Witchcraft Cabalist
Defense Vitalism Witchcraft Shadowbane
Occultism Shadowplay Songcraft Nocturne
Occultism Shadowplay Sorcery Reaper
Occultism Shadowplay Vitalism Doombringer (Previously: Vulgarist)
Occultism Shadowplay Witchcraft Shroudmaster
Occultism Songcraft Sorcery Requiem
Occultism Songcraft Vitalism Sorrowsong
Occultism Songcraft Witchcraft Tombcaller
Occultism Sorcery Vitalism Cultist
Occultism Sorcery Witchcraft Demonologist
Occultism Vitalism Witchcraft Necromancer
Shadowplay Songcraft Sorcery Spellsinger (Previously: Elegist)
Shadowplay Songcraft Vitalism Confessor
Shadowplay Songcraft Witchcraft Nightwitch (Previously: Solstice Singer)
Shadowplay Sorcery Vitalism Animist
Shadowplay Sorcery Witchcraft Daggerspell
Shadowplay Vitalism Witchcraft Assassin
Songcraft Sorcery Vitalism Gypsy
Songcraft Sorcery Witchcraft Lamentor
Songcraft Vitalism Witchcraft Athame
Sorcery Vitalism Witchcraft Shaman (Previously: Hieromancer)