Archery Skill Set

Archery is a skillset in ArcheAge


The ancient plains warrior, Tahyang, pledged to protect the Firran tribes with true aim and an honest soul. He keeps this pact even in death by bestowing his powers on anyone with a pure heart. His disciples use ranged attacks to pursue foes unrelentingly and deal a vicious justice.

Archery Class List[edit]

Skillset #1 Skillset #2 Skillset #3 Class Name
Archery Auramancy Battlerage Bonestalker
Archery Auramancy Defense Bastion
Archery Auramancy Occultism Astral Ranger (Previously: Disperser )
Archery Auramancy Shadowplay Primeval (Previously: Harrier)
Archery Auramancy Songcraft Howler
Archery Auramancy Sorcery Stormchaser
Archery Auramancy Vitalism Oracle
Archery Auramancy Witchcraft Arcane Hunter
Archery Battlerage Defense Liberator
Archery Battlerage Occultism Dreadbow
Archery Battlerage Shadowplay Outrider
Archery Battlerage Songcraft Bloodskald (Previously: Enlightened)
Archery Battlerage Sorcery Fiendhunter
Archery Battlerage Vitalism Warpriest (Previously: Lifeblood)
Archery Battlerage Witchcraft Dreadhunter (Previously: Ebon Druid)
Archery Defense Occultism Dreadstone (Previously: Tomb Ranger)
Archery Defense Shadowplay Stone Arrow
Archery Defense Songcraft Honorguard
Archery Defense Sorcery Farslayer
Archery Defense Vitalism Druid
Archery Defense Witchcraft Archon (Previously: Chaotician)
Archery Occultism Shadowplay Shadehunter (Previously: Harvester)
Archery Occultism Songcraft Gravesinger
Archery Occultism Sorcery Spellbow (Previously: Darkstring)
Archery Occultism Vitalism Blood Arrow
Archery Occultism Witchcraft Shadestriker
Archery Shadowplay Songcraft Ebonsong
Archery Shadowplay Sorcery Infiltrator (Previously: Sharpshot)
Archery Shadowplay Vitalism Ranger (Previously: Gaian)
Archery Shadowplay Witchcraft Trickster (Previously: Rimefire)
Archery Songcraft Sorcery Evoker
Archery Songcraft Vitalism Soulsong (Previously: Bow Dancer)
Archery Songcraft Witchcraft Hex Ranger (Previously: Pox Ranger)
Archery Sorcery Vitalism Naturalist
Archery Sorcery Witchcraft Stormcaster
Archery Vitalism Witchcraft Soulbow

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