Assassin is a class in ArcheAge




Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Has to relay on Bloodthirst for high burst.
  • Focus most points in Shadowplay and have Witchcraft and Vitalism as support tree's.
  • Can go full Melee DPS or hybrid.
  • Have to relay on CC chain for survival.
  • CC can be a problem for you because of no CC breaks.
  • Approach low health targets mostly and assassinate them.
  • During 1v1, try to get your opponent tripped, then do your burst, after that you should follow up with Witchcraft CC and stale for your Shadowplay cooldowns to reset and than burst again.
  • Have to be flawless with your CC and always be aware off your opponents immunity like Boundbreak, Shrug it Off and Courageous Action.
  • Play safe and smart and this can work, but will have a hard time against Cookie builds.
  • Have fun and break the meta.

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