What is Farming?

Farming in ArcheAge is the basis to acquire reagents uses in many other vocations, including Cooking, Alchemy, Tailoring, and Husbandry. Farming is going to be one of the most time consuming vocations in ArcheAge, as the crops that you plant grow in real time.

Companion Skills

  • Logging – Logging is needed in order to craft the Farmer’s Workstation, and can be used to craft fencing for your Farm.
  • Alchemy – Reagents that are gained from farming can be used in several Alchemy recipes.
  • Cooking – Much of what you gain from farming can be taken to a cooking pot for use in many of the cooking recipes.
  • Commerce – You can farm some reagents used in Commerce Recipes
  • Fishing – Cultivating Seed Bundles can produce bait worms which are vital to beginner level fishing.

Special Farming Goods

Tips for Farming to 10k

  • Complete the Farming Tutorial – Completing the Tutorial with the Blue Salt Brotherhood will grant you a Design: Scarecrow Garden. Planting crops inside your Scarecrow garden will ensure that anything planted inside will not become public property unless you set your permissions to public.
  • DO NOT sell or otherwise get rid of your Design: Scarecrow Garden. Even after you've earned larger garden plots you will likely want to keep your Design: Scarecrow Garden as it is a component used when crafting your Farmer's Workstation
  • Get your Farmer's Workstation as quickly as possible. Once you have your Farmer's Workstation you can then bundle seeds allowing for more efficient planting and harvesting. Additionally you can skill up your farming simply by bundling seeds together.
  • Farm lots of Potatoes and Cucumber – The cheapest and fastest to grow of the beginner crops, these will allow you to grow and harvest in about 10 minutes.

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