Blade Dancer is a class in ArcheAge


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Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]


   Songcraft: 1) have the only slow in the game that lasts forever on the enemy and in the same time buff your own movement speed. It is impossible to kite a Blade Dancer without using CC. 
              2) a Range 20 instant cast stun.
              3) Instant Heal on 15 second cool down, and healing song, dual wild with one hand club will give +healing to make it worthy of investing points.
              4) Bulwark Ballad + Puncture will put negative armor on your target for huge 20k crits. 
   Battlerage and Shadowplay:
               1) have 3 distance closing skills to chase people down from 20m. (Startling Strain, Shadowstep, Tiger Strike)
               2) Combine the 2 passives Dual-Wield Proficiency and Piercing will put your character near 30% crit without gears.
               3) Huge burst with 2 backstabbing skills. 

Strength: very good against range dps that doesn't have instant cast Control spells.

Weakness: No cc and not much escape, can get stun lock/tripped/killed without being able to play your hero. The only escape a Blade dancer have is backflip ----->glider------>Quickstep for the range snear/speedboost, Which you can't do when you are unable to control your character.


        a very flexible class, can swap different weapons for +healing bonus when you need to heal(make sure you summon a pet next to you for your heal to bounce), 

use plate when going up against physical damage and swap in leather when going up against casters.

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