Gold, Silver and Copper[edit]

Gold, Silver and Copper are the most common form of currency. Monsters in the world will drop a small amount when killed, items can be sold to NPCs for varying amounts, basically every Quest rewards some, and so on. This is the currency used to buy and sell items between players on the Auction House, repair your equipment at a Blacksmith NPC, purchase things from NPC shops, etc.

Gilda Stars[edit]

Gilda Stars are used on Mirage Island to buy Ship, Vehicle, and House designs, as well as other things such as pre-built furniture set on display in many of the houses on the Island. Gilda Stars most commonly come from Commerce, but can also come from various sources such as Daily Quests and Fishing.

Tear of Nui[edit]

Tears of Nui are used to purchase a variety of things on Mirage Island, such as Ship designs, Mounts, and Marine Housing designs. They can be obtained a number of ways: Storyline Quests, Exploration, Fishing, and Daily Quests.

Honor Points[edit]

Honor Points can be used to purchase a variety of items at an Honor Point Collector. You gain Honor Points by completing Honor Quests, defeating hostile faction members during wartime, and hunting Elite monsters.

Vocation Badges[edit]

Vocation Badges are gained as you spend your Labor Points gathering, farming and crafting. You can use them in the skill menu to increase your total available proficiency specializations or at specific NPCs - look for Blue Salt Brotherhood Representatives.

Bugira's Coins[edit]

Bugira Coins are meant to be used in the Rabbit's Foot Casino, found on [[ArcheAge: Mirage Island|Mirage Island]. At the moment, this casino cannot be used. Treasure Mimics and Giant Treasure Mimics in Auroria drop one coin and five coins respectively when they are killed, and only spawn between 6:00~12:00 in-game time. These coins sell for one gold each to any NPC shop.

Friendship Tokens[edit]

At the moment, these do nothing.

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