ArcheAge quest - Debt Delivery

"Debt Delivery" is a quest in ArcheAge


Gweonid Forest
Gweonid Forest


Sellus's Camp
Sellus's Camp
Sylvan Devi
Sylvan Devi

Quest Giver[edit]

Memorist Sellus
Memorist Sellus

Quest Info/Dialog[edit]

Memorist Sellus[edit]

You're headed into Sylvan Devi, right? Could you take this Bill of Debt to Graneth, the stablehand there? If he gives you any trouble, just remind him that, "A ton of silver pays your debts."

Architect Yuri[edit]

What? Sellus, it's "A silver tongue repays no debts!" What have I told you about sticking to Elvish sayings? I swear, you're going to get me into trouble one of these days.


A note from Sellus? Don't worry, I've got the coin I owe him. Honestly, I'm not sure how many more fumbled Nuian expressions I can stand before I lose my mind!

Quest Objectives[edit]

Quest Level[edit]

Level 4

Base Rewards[edit]

XP 620

Coins 65



End NPC[edit]


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