Defense Skill Set

Defense is a skillset in ArcheAge


The Defense tree is heavily focused on defensive techniques and abilities.

Defense Class List[edit]

Skillset #1 Skillset #2 Skillset #3 Class Name
Archery Auramancy Defense Bastion
Archery Battlerage Defense Liberator
Archery Defense Occultism Dreadstone (Previously: Tomb Ranger)
Archery Defense Shadowplay Stone Arrow
Archery Defense Songcraft Honorguard
Archery Defense Sorcery Farslayer
Archery Defense Vitalism Druid
Archery Defense Witchcraft Archon (Previously: Chaotician)
Auramancy Battlerage Defense Abolisher
Auramancy Defense Occultism Skullknight
Auramancy Defense Shadowplay Nightblade
Auramancy Defense Songcraft Tomb Warden
Auramancy Defense Sorcery Thaumaturge
Auramancy Defense Vitalism Templar (Previously: Cleric)
Auramancy Defense Witchcraft Dreambreaker (Previously: Cursedrinker)
Battlerage Defense Occultism Doomlord
Battlerage Defense Shadowplay Blighter
Battlerage Defense Songcraft Dawncaller
Battlerage Defense Sorcery Crusader
Battlerage Defense Vitalism Paladin
Battlerage Defense Witchcraft Hexblade
Defense Occultism Shadowplay Dreadnaught
Defense Occultism Songcraft Dark Aegis
Defense Occultism Sorcery Battlemage (Previously: Maledict)
Defense Occultism Vitalism Justicar
Defense Occultism Witchcraft Defiler
Defense Shadowplay Songcraft Nightbearer (Previously: Archivist)
Defense Shadowplay Sorcery Swiftstone
Defense Shadowplay Vitalism Death Warden
Defense Shadowplay Witchcraft Shadowknight (Previously: Cavestalker)
Defense Songcraft Sorcery Earthsinger
Defense Songcraft Vitalism Caretaker
Defense Songcraft Witchcraft Poxbane
Defense Sorcery Vitalism Scion
Defense Sorcery Witchcraft Cabalist
Defense Vitalism Witchcraft Shadowbane

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