The first glider you get is part of a quest and temporary


I'm stuck! How do I get free??[edit]

Escape is a basic skill in your skill menu.

Why can't I see my cloak?[edit]

Under Game Info in the Options Menu, you'll find a series of dropdowns for Back Slot Display Priority. You need to make sure the first box is checked and then select Cloaks as the first thing to be displayed.

How do I move the UI?[edit]

Most UI elements can be moved by clicking and dragging, or shift + dragging.

If you're having trouble with the skill bars, you can try dragging from the space around the rotation arrow that appears off to one side of the bar when you mouseover it. For the Quest Tracker, try dragging from around the top of it.

How do I see my FPS?[edit]

Under Game Info in the Options Menu, you'll find an option called View Frame Rate. Check it.

How do I see my Ping?[edit]

There is no current in-game functionality for checking your latency, but you can check it out of game in a variety of ways. For example, you can use the Resource Monitor or directly ping the server.

The Alpha server's IP is

How do I get more Scarecrows?[edit]

You will only get two scarecrows - the Scarecrow Garden (8x8), and the larger Scarecrow Farm (16x16). Both come from questing. The Scarecrow Farm comes from the Blue Salt Brotherhood trade quests. The only other way to acquire large Scarecrow Farms is by purchasing them from other players. Scarecrow Gardens cannot be bought.

Why did my glider disappear? How can I get another?[edit]

The first glider you get is part of a quest and temporary. You'll get another from a quest somewhere around level 10~15, if you've been following the quest line. If you're Harani or Firran, that'll be the Ironclaw Mines in Tigerspine.

You can upgrade that glider at level 10, 15 and 20 using designs bought in Mirage at a Carpentry Workbench. You'll also get a free glider at level 25 that is roughly equivalent in ability to the level 20 upgrade.

Where do I get a mount?[edit]

Each race will get a mount fairly quickly from a quest in their starting zone. Other races can go to the place where a race gets its first mount and purchase that mount for themselves, as well, so you can get any of the four racial mounts. The specific locations that the races get their first mounts are:

Harani - Parchsun Settlement Firran - Cloudgain Nuian - Wardton Elven - Gweonid Lake

Other mounts come from a variety of places. Mirage, raising them yourself from a Stablehand or Livestock Merchant, Honor..

How can I repair my equipment?[edit]

A Blacksmith NPC can repair your equipment if you select the relevant interaction option at one. By default, the second interaction option key is G, but you can see your interaction options on-screen by just getting close to the Blacksmith.

Can I salvage equipment? How?[edit]

You can salvage equipment that is at least green quality or higher using an [Evenstone], sold by Blacksmith and General Merchant NPCs. You will get Sunlight or Moonlight Archeum, depending on the type of equipment. Weaponry gives Sunlight, and armor gives Moonlight. You can also salvage Lunastones for Lunarite.

How do I repair a ship or vehicle?[edit]

Repairing a ship or vehicle requires one of a variety of items crafted with Alchemy or bought from a General Merchant. the item sold by a General Merchant, Shatigon's Sandglass: Pinch, can only be used to repair small ships like a rowboat. For Clippers, Farm Wagons and the like, you need a Shatigon's Sandglass: Spoonful, which is craftable at 10,000 Alchemy. For larger ships, like a Galleon or Merchant ship, you need a Shatigon's Sandglass: Handful, which is craftable at 20,000 Alchemy.

How do I use a Treasure Map?[edit]

You need to create a Sextant to find your current coordinates, which you can use to orient yourself and head in the right direction to find the treasure.

Where do I get Battle Pet Formula?[edit]

From the cows where you got the pet.

Everyone is wearing this weird blue or red armor, and nothing changes it.[edit]

You may have accidentally checked the box for "Distinguish Enemies By Color" in the options menu, under functionality.

Simply uncheck it and you'll be able to see normal equipment again.

What is this Bulgira's Coin for?[edit]

Bulgira coins are for the Rabbit's Foot casino in Mirage that isn't currently available. You can just sell them for 1 Gold.

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