Farming in ArcheAge

Farming is a vocation within ArcheAge which allows you to plant and grow food, spices, and flowers. Using a Farmer's Workstation it is also possible to produce materials needed for Husbandry and bait worms used for fishing. Please see the below guide for tips on increasing your Farming skill up to 10k.

Also see: ArcheAge: Beginners guide to Farming

Seed Harvesting
Cotton Seed 2hrs 7-10
Rice Seed 2hrs 2-4
Oat Seed 3hrs 2-4
Millet Seed 2hrs 2-4
Quinoa Seed 18 hours 2-4
Wheat Seed 3hrs 2-4
Corn Seed 2hrs 2-4
Barley Seed 30mins 2-4
Bean Seed 18hrs 2-4
Rye Seed 8hrs 2-4
Peanut Seed 11hrs 26mins 2-4
Strawberry Seed 3hrs 2-4
Potato Seed 10mins 2-4
Yam Seed 3hrs 2-4
Carrot Seed 30mins 2-4
Garlic Seed 1hr 2-4
Onion Seed 30 mins 2-4
Cucumber Seed 10 mins 2-4
Tomato Seed 1hr 2-4
Pumpkin Seed 3hrs 2-4