ArcheAge - Gilda Star

"Gilda Star" is a form of currency in ArcheAge

The Gilda Star is the main form of trade currency in the game.

You can use it to buy stuff such as house plans, ships and mounts

How to get Gilda Stars[edit]

  • Turn in Trade Packs
  • Do Quests (Green Quests and Priest Quests)

See table below for more ways:

Story quests 58-63 gilda stars depending on your race. (Story quests end around lv30)
Daily quests Blue Salt (Tip: Dailies reset at 8pm EST)
Arena 1 daily = 1 gilda
Dungeons 4 dailies (2 on each continent) 3 gildas each for mentoring and 1 for being a mentee = 4-16 gildas
Nui Priestess quests 4 gildas (not a daily)
Trade pack across sea = 1 gilda
to Ynystere-Cinderstone 2 gilda stars
to Freedich island 4 gilda stars

Total number of Gilda Stars available through leveling = 62-67

Total of Gilda Stars available though dailies at 50 = 23


An ancient coin made of pure gold and minted in Auroria centuries ago.

They are the rarest and most valuable coins still in circulation, and can purchase the most important quality goods, such as house and workbench designs sold on Mirage Isle.

Gilda Star Quests[edit]

Some of the quests that award Gilda Stars include:

The Prophet Terrien ‎
The Prophet Terrien ‎
A Mysterious Visitor
A Mysterious Visitor
The Field of Honor
The Field of Honor
To the Tournament
To the Tournament
A Missing Dog
A Missing Dog
The Mysterious Box
The Mysterious Box

For more, see:

Category:ArcheAge Gilda Star Quests


  • Green Quests and Priest Quests often give Gilda Stars
  • Go to Mirage Island to buy things using Gilda Stars
  • You can get to Mirage Island by using Blue Portals found all over the map

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