A Boorish Man

"A Boorish Man" is a mission in Sequence 5

Optional Objectives[edit]

Limit Health loss to 50%


Take Shelter in the stables

Convince the man to speak with you

Try the backdoor

Try the balcony

Take Shelter in the stables

Defend the manor

Meet Achilles in the manor

Follow Achilles


Head on forward and climb on up the cliff. Head on over to the right. Be careful as you need to dodge a Cougar. Slip on through the rest of the frontier You have a long way to run but you can take your time as well. There are horses in the area which can speed up your travel some. It is better to keep up high and along the cliffs to get get to the entrance to the Davenport Homestead. When you close on the entrance then you will a chase in progress. After that things pick up a bit. Inside the Homestead get over to the next marker for the mission to start properly at the house. After that start follow through the objectives.

Previous Mission[edit]

Hunting Lessons

Next Mission[edit]

A Trip to Boston