Manning the Achila

Connor's ship in Assassin's Creed III.

Connor pilots the ship through various naval missions using the naval map.

The ship is equipped with cannons that fire multiple types of shot.

Controlling the Ship[edit]

Steering the ship is a simple matter of pointing the control stick in the direction that you want the ship to move.

Speed of the Ship[edit]

Accelerating is accomplished by hitting the A or X button, which will unfurl the sails and speed the ship up.

The sails can be unfurled to half mast for half speed, or full mast for full speed. They can also be reigned in entirely to stop the ship.

The more the sails are unfurled, the harder the ship becomes to steer because of the increase in speed granted.

Attacking With the Ship[edit]

The ship's cannons can be fired by hitting RT or R2.

The ship's secondary cannons can be manually aimed to an extent by hitting LT or L2.

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