This is going to be very short and very sweet.

Achilles Homestead Missions

Manor Mysteries 1 is available I believe when the mission " The Wedding " is completed. At least it was for me!

1. ) After activating the mission, head to New York via Harbor Fast Travel or whatever means you see fit.

2. ) You can use a fast travel once you arrive, either way - head to the burned section of New York which is North and a bit West of your location.

3. ) Follow the Green Mission point and climb the burnt building. It's also directly under a fast travel station as well. -- Make sure you watch where you drop down or else you'll fall to the bottom and have to climb again. --

4. ) Use the " Interact " button for whatever system you have and claim your prize.

5. ) Fast travel to the nearest harbor, to fast travel to Homestead.

6. ) Go back to see Achilles.

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