Assassin's Creed III: Achilles Homestead Mission Manor Mysteries II

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Achilles asks Connor to find a painting for him

Manor Mysteries II is a Homestead Mission in Assassin's Creed III

Sequence Available[edit]

Sequence 09

Starting Location[edit]

Davenport Homestead - At the Manor.

How to Start Homestead Woodworker Mission[edit]

Talk to Achilles




Retrieve Achilles Memento from New York

Bring the parcel to Achilles


Speak to Achilles who is inside the manor, wandering around. He will explain that he has found a painting to put over the mantel but the house it was being kept in was in the path of the Great Fire. Head to the marked building in New York. Scale it and get to the platform just below the rooftop where the marker is. Interact with the nearby wall to open it and claim your prize.

Fast Travel back to the Homestead and give it to Achilles to complete the mission.


Connor: "It is beautiful, old man

Achilles: "It is. I've found a painting for the space above the mantel. It's being held in New York. If you get a moment, I'd like you to pick it up for me."

Connor: "Certainly"

Achilles: "Good - it may not be there as the house where it was stored lay in the path of the great fire. If so, worry not."

Upon retrieving the painting:

Connor: "It would have burned had it not been here."

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