Assassin's Creed III: All Homestead Missions Locations and Walkthroughs

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This page contains all the locations of the Davenport Homestead Manor Missions.

Click on a mission below to see location and walkthrough.

Achilles Housekeeper Missions[edit]

Training Begins

Encyclopedia of the Common Man

Manor Mysteries I

Manor Mysteries II


Achilles' Painting

Lance Woodworker Missions[edit]

Level 1 Woodworker[edit]

The Whittler's Weapons

Level 2 Woodworker[edit]

Tools of the Trade

Level 3 Woodworker[edit]

Thousand Pound Idea

Godfrey and Terry Lumberer Missions[edit]

Level 1 Lumberers[edit]

River Rescue

Level 2 Lumberers[edit]

Burglar on the Homestead

Level 3 Lumberers[edit]

The Fight

Level 4 Lumberers[edit]

Bowls Beginner

Myriam Huntress Missions[edit]

Level 1 Huntress[edit]

Silent Hunter

Level 2 Huntress[edit]

White Trophy

Level 3 Huntress[edit]

Fool Me Once

Warren and Prudence Farmer Missions[edit]

Level 1 Farmers[edit]


Level 2 Farmers[edit]

Prudence's Primrose

Level 3 Farmers[edit]

Happy Expectations

Level 4 Farmers[edit]

Pig Herder

Norris Miner Missions[edit]

Level 1 Miner[edit]

The Brawler

Level 2 Miner[edit]

Norris Goes Courting

Level 3 Miner[edit]

Norris Tries Again

Level 4 Miner[edit]

Raw Materials

Oliver and Corrine Innkeeper Missions[edit]

Level 1 Innkeeper[edit]

Room at the Inn

Big Dave Blacksmith Missions[edit]

Level 1 Blacksmith[edit]


Level 2 Blacksmith[edit]

The Proper Tools

Level 3 Blacksmith[edit]

An Eye for Trouble

Level 4 Blacksmith[edit]

The Comeback

Father Timothy Priest Missions[edit]

Level 1 Priest[edit]

Finding his Flock

Level 2 Priest[edit]

The Wedding

Lyle Doctor Missions[edit]

Level 1 Doctor[edit]

Get Me a Doctor!

Level 2 Doctor[edit]


Level 3 Doctor[edit]

Wait Times

Ellen Tailor Missions[edit]

Level 1 Tailor[edit]

Cutting Ties

Level 2 Tailor[edit]

Silk Errand

Level 3 Tailor[edit]

The Final Straw

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