Assassinate John Pitcairn

"Assassinate John Pitcairn" is an objective in Battle of Bunker Hill in Sequence 7

Optional Objectives[edit]

Air Assassinate Pitcairn without being detected

Limit Regular kills: 0/4


Get to the top of the cliff and move into the bushes ahead of you to get in cover. Start on over to the left to keep in the bushes and get closer to the camp. As you enter the Restricted Area, pay attention as there is a soldier that patrols around here. Stay in cover when you can see him. If he gets close enough, kill him. Otherwise, hug the limits of the area by keeping to the left and moving into the next set of bushes.

Follow the bushes behind the tents to the left. There is an officer who patrols around here. Watch for him and kill him if he spots you or gets close enough. From there just go forward to the tree just past the end of the tents:

The tree

Head out to the end of the branch and jump to the next tree to the right. Climb up and out to the end of the branch.

The tree for the kill