Battle of the Chesapeake

"Battle of the Chesapeake" is a mission in Sequence 11. This mission is made much easier by fully upgrading the Aquila beforehand.

Optional Objectives[edit]

Destroy 3 ships with a single broadside

Destroy 2 frigates by firing on their powder stores

Counter Kill 5 Enemies


Destroy the Loyalist Fleet

Destroy the Loyalist Reinforcements

Follow your ally to the next encounter

Locate the enemy ship

Ram the Man-of-War to board it

Assassinate the ship's captain

Escape the Man-of-War


Head on over to the harbor Master in Davenport Homestead. From there talk with him to head off to sea and start the mission.

Previous Mission[edit]

December 12, 2012

Next Mission[edit]

Lee's Last Stand

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