Locate Edward Braddock

Beat up attackers is an objective in the Sequence 3 memory Unconvinced

Optional Objectives[edit]

Use breakable objects during a fight: 0/2

Limit Health Loss to 50%


Targets killed: 0/4

Targets killed: 0/4


The soldiers are after Haytham for something. Time to do what Haytham said and feed them their teeth. This just a straight up brawl and you should easily be able to win using the counter kill. Otherwise, follow the advice for Full Synch and smash things up while you are at it.

For Full Synch you need to avoid taking more than 50% damage, which is easy to do in a fight, but also use 2 breakable objects in the brawl. To pull this off you need to use the Counter-throw. As someone punches at Haytham, hit the counter button twice and lean the movement stick toward the nearest breakable objective. This will get Haytham to throw them into the table. This is context sensitive so you need to be close to it.

Complete this to finish out Unconvinced.

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