Bowls is a mini-game in Assassin's Creed 3. Try to get your bowls as close to the Jack (red) as possible.

Bowls is a mini-game in Assassin's Creed III


Bowls is a mini-game that is introduced to you by Godfrey and Terry during the homestead mission Bowls Beginner

Game Locations[edit]

Davenport Homestead[edit]

North of Mile's End Inn (Intermediate)

New York[edit]

Southwest side, Bowling Green (after completing main campaign) (Intermediate)


Your bowls need to end up the closest to the "Jack" by the end of each round


The round goes like this:

Player one throws the Jack

Player one throws the first bowl

Next, the turn goes to the player whose bowl is NOT closest to the Jack

When a player has used all his bowls, the turn goes to the other player until round is over

Winner of the round gets additional points for each bowl that's closer to the Jack than the other player's bowl

Win the game if you reach a certain number of points.

Starting the game[edit]

Throw the Jack, then your 1st Bowl

You have four balls. Each one of you gets four shots. Closest Bowl to the red ball gets the point.

How to play Bowls[edit]

Use L to move

Use R to aim

Press A/X to throw

Your "Jack" blinks red

Press B/Circle to CHANGE the throw type

Press LB to activate the tactical camera

Bowls Strategies[edit]

The Bigger the blue space the more wild the throw is

The smaller it gets you can pinpoint your shot

So time your shot for when the blue circle radius is small

Use the high trajectory for a more accurate shot, or low trajectory to knock other balls out of the way

Try to position your bowl between Connor and the Jack

Try to knock opposing bowls out of the way

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