Blackwell Prison

"Bridewell Prison" is a mission in Sequence 8

Optional Objectives[edit]

Limit Prison guard Deaths: 2

Reach Hickey in 2 minutes


Eavesdrop on the prisoners' conversation

Go to sleep

Follow the guard to the common area

Locate Weems

Sit with Mason Weems

Pickpocket Finch

Return to your cell

Talk to Weems

Fight the prisoners and get thrown in the hole

Pickpocket the Warden

Escape the cell

Get to the VIP quarters

Assassinate Hickey in his cell


Following the cutscene Connor will be taken to Bridewell Prison with Hickey. You need to make your way out of here. This involves getting in touch with Mason Weems then dealing with Hickey

Previous Mission[edit]

Battle of Bunker Hill

Next Mission[edit]

Public Execution