Cross the battlefield

"Cross the battlefield" is an objective in Battle of Bunker Hill in Sequence 7

Optional Objectives[edit]

Cross the battlefield without taking damage


This part, with full synchronization is all about timing. Jump the mound at the top of the hill and dash for the cover ahead of you on the right. From there it will be a series of well-timed sprints to make it on through the whole of this memory.

Cover 1

From this first piece of cover head on over to the left for the next rock that you can hide behind.

Cover 2

Wait for the Soldiers to fire their volley at you and then start running for the next bit to the left. After the next volley duck over to the left and hide behind the next rock. Time to start on forward.

Cover 3

From there it is a simple dash forward to make it into the woods and get out of the firing lines.

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