Defend Chapheau

"Defend Chapheau" is an objective during the mission The Angry Chef during Sequence 6

Optional Objectives[edit]

Limit time spent in open conflict: 15 seconds

Limit Chapeau's health loss: 33%

Perform low profile assassinations: 0/5


Follow Stephane Chapheau into the streets. He will be picking a fight with every British Soldier that he comes across. This is an escort mission with someone who can fight a bit.

Group 1[edit]

Soldiers 1

Go around the first corner and on the right there is a pair of Soldiers. Move in toward them quickly and take them both out. It is very possible to get a double assassination on them. If nothing else, you will get 1 of the 5 low profile assassinations you are after.

Group 2[edit]

Soldiers 2

Ignore the soldiers being harassed by the crowd. They are too busy to be a trouble. Still, they present a good opportunity for some quick low profile kills thanks to the crowd. After that go into the nearby plaza that Chapheau is nearby to the North. There are 2 Soldiers by the cemetery. Close the distance quickly as they are far away and Chapheau will provoke them. They are close together so it is very possible to get 2 Low Profile Assassinations without too much difficulty.

Group 3[edit]

Soldiers 3

There is a checkpoint just before this group so you can return to the last checkpoint if you take too long or Chapheau takes too much damage.

Head around the next corner and fast walk up to the nearby group of 4 Soldiers. There are 2 Soldiers and 2 Grenadiers. Take out the Grenadiers first as they are the stronger unit. This is the first open fight and you have a very limited time to finish it. If Chapheau has the Grenadier occupied then take advantage of that to get a quick kill on him then deal with the Soldiers

Group 4[edit]

Soldiers 4

As you approach this building, go to the left of the tree. Quickly move up on the pair of soldiers approaching on the road. Stephane will engage them given the chance and that could get him in more trouble. Quickly move in and you can get a double low profile assassination as they are in close proximity to each other.

Group 5[edit]

Soldiers 5

After that last group, Stephane will continue down the street and go down the alley shown here. Quickly go around the corner before him. You can get them both with low profile assassinations. From there the mission changes place.



Lock onto the man in the grey jacket and then hit the prompted button to send Chapheau in for his first assassination.

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