Destroy the smuggled cargo stacks

"Destroy the smuggled cargo stacks" is an objective during the mission On Johnson's Trail during Sequence 6

Optional Objective[edit]

Limit firearms use - 0/6

Use powder kegs to destroy smuggled cargo - 0/3


Connor is off begin one of the more well known events that lead to the revolution. Head for the marker sitting in the docks.

Once there it is time to start dealing with the multiple stacks of cargo on your plate. Enter into the restricted area. Look around on the ground and you will see a number of small red kegs: powder kegs. Grab one for good measure and then it is time to start working on blowing something up.

Barrel 1[edit]

There is no specific order to tackle these. This works from the Northern part of the docks over to the West. The first one is perhaps the simplest as the keg is not too far away from the first stack of cargo, if you approach it from the East. Arm yourself with your pistol and aim for the keg that sits behind. Fire on it and run away from the scene.

Cargo stack 1

Barrel 2[edit]

Head to the South and West to get close to the next cargo stack. Grab any nearby barrel and take it over to the stack. You can also throw it if Connor is moving. Be sure to wait for the nearby guards to pass by (or kill them) then destroy the cargo.

Cargo stack 2

Barrel 3[edit]

Swim over to the West now to quickly reach the final cargo stack. Find a nearby powder keg then track it down in relation to the final cargo stack. Wait for the guards to move out of the way then lob the keg toward the cargo.

Cargo stack 3

Time to make an escape! Head for the next marker to move on with the missions.

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