Moving too far away from the mission area can cause desynchronization in Assassin's Creed 3

Desyncronization in Assassin's Creed III is like failing a mission

What causes Desynchronization[edit]


If your character dies, Desynchronization will occur

You can die from combat damage or falling from too high

Attacking innocent people[edit]

Attacking allies, civilians, farm animals, and more, can cause Desynchronization to happen.

If you do this by mistake once or twice, you might get a warning but it wont create Desynchronization. But if you go on a killing spree, you will get Desynchronized.

Moving out of bounds[edit]

If you move out of the mission area or too far from an NPC you are supposed to escort, you will get the warning message:

WARNING: Remain in the area

You should immediately comply by moving back to the zone you are supposed to be in for that mission.

Failing an objective[edit]

If you fail a main objective, Desynchronization occurs.

Note that failing optional objective does not lead to Desynchronization, however it prevents you from achieving full Synchronization Rate

Losing your target[edit]

If you get too far from a target you are chasing, you will get the message:

WARNING: Reduce distance to target.

If you don't catch up, you get desynchronized.

Using wrong weapon[edit]

For example using lethal weapon where mission called for non-lethal. You will get a warning such as:

WARNING: Use only your fists.

and then get the message:

DESYNCHRONIZED: Wrong weapon used.

What happens if you get Desynchronization[edit]

If you trigger the Desynchronization, you respawn back at the last checkpoint.

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