Fanorona is a mini-game in Assassin's Creed 3

Fanorona is a mini-game in Assassin's Creed III


Fanorona is believed to have originated in Madagascar. It is played on a nine-row by five-column board of intersecting lines. Each player places twenty-two black or white pieces on the board, then tries to capture the opponent's pieces by moving his own along the lines and either "approaching" an opposing stone or "withdrawing" from one.

Game Locations[edit]


Fanorona is one of the games on the Providence in the Lower Deck (Beginner)

Homestead Manor[edit]

Inside the Manor (Expert)

New York[edit]

Southwest and center tavern


Capture all of the opponent's pieces


White goes first.

Capture the opponent's pieces by moving TOWARD them or AWAY from them. When a piece is taken, all consecutive opponents' pieces standing behind that piece will also be captured.

Capturing moves are MANDATORY. If you are trying to move your piece and can't, make sure you do not have a capturing move available. You MUST do an attack that will capture your opponent's piece, is you can.

If no capturing move is possible, the player can move one piece to a neighboring empty slot.

Starting the game[edit]

Choose if you want to play first

How to play Fanorona[edit]

Use the PIECE SELECTOR to move pieces along the lines on the board. Approaching or withdrawing from an opponent piece will remove it.

IF the same piece captures an enemy piece, it can continue to move as long as it has more capturing moves

You can stop chaining moves by pressing B

You can't move to the same slot twice in one turn

When no capturing move is possible, move ANY piece to an adjacent slot

Fanorona Strategies[edit]

Even though capturing a lot of pieces in one turn is tempting, it creates open spaces that the other player can use to counter attack. So consider capturing fewer pieces if it will put your piece in a safe place, such as a place that blocks potential moves.

Towards the end of the game, try to get as many pieces to the center of the board for tactical advantage

Is it better to go first or last?[edit]

It is a better strategy to go last. So let your opponent go first.

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