Herd the pigs into this Pig Pen in the mission "Pig Herder".

Pig Herder is a Homestead Mission (Farmer) in Assassin's Creed III




Artisan Type[edit]


Unlocks Artisan Level[edit]

Level 4

Unlock Message[edit]

Wheat and other grains now available from the Farmers.


Davenport Homestead Farm

Sequence Available[edit]

Sequence 07

Starting Location[edit]

Prudence's Farm. See map below.

How to Start Homestead Farmer Mission[edit]

Talk to Prudence




Herd the Pigs back into their pen.

Pigs Herded: 0/3


How to Herd the Pigs to their pens[edit]

Just run behind them and walk with them towards the pen. If they run away or change direction, dash in front of them to stop them, then move behind them again. Keep the pigs between Connor and the Pen. Repeat for each pig. Sometimes its annoying, but eventually you will get all three pigs into the pen.


Prudence: Could I trouble you for a moment, Connor?

Connor: What is it, Prudence?

Prudence: I feel silly bothering you with this master, but Warren went to the market in Boston. Could you round up the livestock for me? I've tried but this baby in my belly takes the pint out of me

Connor: Of course. I will see to it.

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