Defend Primrose from this bear in the mission "Prudence's Primrose".

Prudence's Primrose is a Homestead Mission (Farmer) in Assassin's Creed III




Artisan Type[edit]


Unlocks Artisan Level[edit]

Level 2

Unlock Message[edit]

Vegetables and other farm produce now available from the farmers.


Davenport Homestead Farm

Sequence Available[edit]

Sequence 06

Starting Location[edit]

Their Farm. See map below.

How to Start Homestead Farmer Mission[edit]

Talk to Warren




Take Warren to the edge of the forest

Track Prudence

Track Prudence in the woods.

Defend Prudence from the Bear

Carry Prudence back home


After talking to Warren, head SE towards the green marker. Enter the green zone, and use Eagle Vision to help you find the clues. You will need to find 3 clues: A Primrose, A Piece of Cloth, and a Flower Bag. After finding all three clues, kill the Bear that's attacking Prudence by following the on-screen prompts. Then carry Prudence back home.


Warren: Thank god you are here! Prudence is missing. She went out to gather some things this morning and never returned! I'm worried sick. What if she's hurt?

Connor: I will find her

Warren: The dog might help track her down. He has a good nose.

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