Haytham finding the tracks of the woman

Find the Mysterious woman is an objective that comes up twice in the Sequence 3 memory: Unconvinced

Part 1[edit]

Lee points out a camp that the unknown woman was staying at. From there you can see a trail leading away from the site through the snow. Follow it up the slope. Once you make it to the end then you will find the woman. She is setting a snare when a pack of wolves starts closing on her. Lee shoots one of the wolves but this does not do Haytham any favors as she immediately starts running and jumping through the trees.

Part 2[edit]

Optional Objective: Limit Health Loss to 50%

Haytham now needs to square off against a small pack of wolves. The bets thing to do here is wait for the wolves to attack you and use the QTE prompts to take them out. This will ensure you take no damage from. Once they are dead, it is time to resume pursuit.

Now look up in the trees to find the woman once again. Follow her through the trees and up the rocks until she comes to a stop. From there just wait for them to talk and sort a few things out. She introduces herself as Kaniehti:io.

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