Follow the driver

"Follow the driver" is an objective in Missing Supplies in Sequence 9

Optional Objectives[edit]

Kill camp guards without being detected: 0/3


Play picks up with Connor inside the hay cart. Wait in there for a minute for the nearby guard to approach. Kill him then step out of the cart to the right into the stalking zone. Now follow the drivers at a discrete distance for a while. Duck into the stalking zone on the opposite side of the road then into the remains of the cabin just beyond it. Hide to the left of the door in this place. Move toward the road and look to the crates nearby. There is a guard right there. Take him down to move on into the nearby stalking zone.

Move from the stalking zone toward the next guard you see in front of you. Take him down and move into the follow stalking zone closer to the river. Break over to the right, take down the guard by the camp fire just before the stalking zone there. Duck into the bushes and wait out the last of the conversation.

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